Disney+ is a streaming service that includes a variety of Disney shows and movies. The content provided ranges from Marvel movies, the Star Wars Franchise, and even some vintage Disney movies.  The app launched November 12th  and the monthly payments range from $7 to $13. The $13 monthly payment includes Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+. Users are highly satisfied with the streaming service and the endless options of movies and shows. Disney+ is also a huge reminiscence of user’s childhoods.

When asking a classroom of 9 students, five of those students have a Disney+ account. Those five students use the service three to five times a day. When asked if the pricing was reasonable, 75% said yes and 25% was in the middle of it being a reasonable or unreasonable price. When asked what they like most about the streaming service one like that they had exclusives. Another likes the content as a whole and how it has a vast selection. As well as being able to enjoy shows like The Mandalorian and the Marvel movies. Overall the streaming service is highly loved and highly recommended for their vast selection of movies and shows. As well as reasonable pricing and the bundle offer.