Procrastination Nation

Isaac Bol, Writer

     Procrastination is a curse we all bear. Whether it be with starting homework, reading that book for English, or losing weight. We’ve all procrastinated once in our lives. I, myself, am an example of this, I procrastinated on writing this article. But why do we procrastinate? I asked a few students as to why they procrastinate, if they do, to gain an insight as to why we procrastinate.

     One student said that they usually procrastinate because “I can’t get myself to start doing something.” Which is a problem in school because the more one pushes back work, the more work they’ll have to do near the end. An example of this is when AP Calculus students were scrambling to get missing work done the nights before it was due.

     Although procrastinating can lead to more work being done at the last minute, like this article, we sometimes procrastinate because of the amount of work that we have to get done each day. A college student claimed that she gets “overwhelmed with a lot of reading or papers due.” It does seem like as the school year goes by, the more work we are given from our teachers which limits our time after school, forcing us to spend the majority of it completing homework due tomorrow. So they push it back, procrastinate, to have a moment for themselves to relax after the long day of school.

     Though the majority of students I asked said that they did procrastinate, there were some students who were true troopers and said that they don’t procrastinate. One student claimed that she does her work “way ahead of time. Most assignments I finish a week before.” So although the majority of students procrastinate, there are a very few special students who have mastered the art of doing work right away.

     Some students procrastinate because of the amount of work that have to do and they simply can’t get themselves to start it. Surprisingly though, there were some students who are able to start their work early to get it done to turn in. I personally procrastinate because I’m lazy when starting things and when I do start work, I give up halfway wanting to play video games or watch a movie on Disney+. Although I know I have a problem, I am not willing to put time and effort into fixing it just yet, I’ll start on it tomorrow.