Game Awards 2019

Jacob Garcia

The nominees of Game Awards 2019 have just been announced with many of these games nominees being unexpected for many. For this article I will cover Game of the Year, Action Game, Family game, Fighting game, and ongoing game nominees.

For this year’s Game of the year nominees are Control,Death Stranding,Resident Evil 2, Sekiro:Shadow die twice,Super smash bros ultimate, and the outer worlds. The year’s nominee to most likely to win in my opinion will be either Super smash bros ultimate or Death stranding. The reason I believe one of these games will win are because they were the two biggest and most anticipated, but I’ll give the edge to Smash bros for being the biggest game of the year. Update: The game that would be awarded the Game of the year would go to Sekiro: Shadow die twice which would surprise many but still a well deserved win.

For the best Action game the nominees are Apex Legends,Astral,Call of Duty: Modern Warfare,Devil May Cry 5,Gears 5, and Metro Exodus. For my personal bet for this category is Devil may cry 5. Update: The winner for this category is Devil may cry 5

For the best fighting category the nominees are Super smash bros ultimate,Mortal kombat 11,Jump force,Samurai showdown,and Dead or alive 6. The most likely of these games to win are Super smash bros or Mortal Kombat 11. Update: The win would go to Super smash bros

For best ongoing game the nominees are Fortnite,Final Fantasy XIV,Rainbow six siege,Ape legends, and Destiny 2. The game to most likely receive the win would be Rainbow six siege. Update: Sadly Fortnite won 🙁

For the best Family game of the year nominees are Luigi’s Mansion 3,Super Mario builder 2, Super smash bros ultimate,Yoshi’s crafted world, and ring fit adventures. The winner of this year would be Luigi’s Mansion 3.