Mr. Lucas Interview


Flor Mendez, writer

Mr. Lucas is a math (Algebra 1 & Geometry) teacher at Santa Ana High school, It’s his second year teaching at this school.


1. What is your favorite part of working at Santa Ana High School?

-His favorite part of working at Santa Ana is being a positive role model for students. 

2. What is the hobby you like to do while on break from work?

-His favorite hobby he likes to do while on break from work is playing golf 

3. Where is your favorite vacation spot?

-His favorite vacation spot is South Korea because he used to live there 

4. Do you have a favorite show/movie/book?  What is it?

   -His favorite show is Parks and Recreation

    -His favorite movie is About Time 

    -His favorite book is The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life

5. What would you change about Santa Ana High School?

-One thing he would like to change about Santa Ana HIgschool is to allow students to take classes that are specific to a job. 

6. Who inspired you to work in education?

-His uncle who is a professor in History inspired him to work in education. 

7. What are your strengths or weaknesses that you feel you have as a teacher?

-His strengths are that his well organized, and he has high expectations

 -His weakness is that he moves too quick because he wants to make sure he covers everything.

8. What was your favorite class in high school?

-His favorite class in high school was English 11 with Mr. Shields 

9. What hidden talent do you have?

-His hidden talent is that he has a really good memory

10. What makes a good student?

-What makes a good student for him is someone who shows up every day, shows good effort, always positive, and someone who is willing to learn. 

11. How many years did it take you to become an educator?

-It took 2 years for him to become a teacher

12. What student from past years will you never forget and why?

-He had a student that he used to call “Q” and he was always positive, and he loved the lakers just as he did

13. What do you hope to accomplish while working here?

-He hopes to be a positive role model, help students and make them come back after they graduate high school to say “Thank You” 

14. What are you trying to teach your students besides math? 

  -He’s trying to teach them to have a positive mindset, learn better, better relationships, to act like an adult and to be respectful.