Australia Fires

Australia Fires

Kelly Rodriguez, Writer

                                  Australia fires

Kelly Rodriguez


Australia has recently had a massive fire that has affected more than half the country, it is estimated to be one of the worst fires. The fires have killed 25 people and more than 1 billion animals. More than 3,000 houses have been affected by the fires. The fire has been largely contained but there are still many other small bush fires around that are still affecting its residents, the rain has been helping keep the fires in control. About 16 million acres of land have been burned in Victoria and New south wales and millions more on other parts of Australia.Image result for australia fires

The smoke from the fires has also become dangerous. The smoke has traveled 7,000 miles from Australia to other places which might affect climate change in those areas. Australia has been getting warmer and warmer after the fire. Many animals have become endangered because of the fires. their habitat has been destroyed or is too dangerous to go back to which results in many of them dying or being rescued by people. There have been many videos circulating the internet where people have put koalas and kangaroos in their cars to help them. The federal government has sent in military help. The fire season is getting longer and more dangerous, the deadliest bushfire was “black Saturday” in February 2009 where 180 people had died.

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This image shows how much of  Australia has been burned.