Weathering with you

Weathering with you

Jacob Garcia, lol

After the success Makoto Shinkai had with his film Your Name in 2016 many would anticipate what he would bring next to cinemas. After three years of waiting many would get their wishes heard as yet again Makoto would release another breathtaking film with Weathering with you. 

The story of Weathering with you is a very heartfelt one and without spoiling the beauty of the story, the story revolves around a run away boy name Hodaka who goes to Tokyo where he meets a girl named Hina who has the special ability to make the rain go away and with this ability they decide to make a job out of it where they take request to make the rain go away.

Besides the plot another highlight of the movie was the breathtaking animation with the movie never having a dull or badly animated moment throughout the whole two hour film. With many moments in the film capturing your heart may it be a firework show or a back alley McDonald there will be a moment in the film that you will fall in love with.

This film is nothing than an achievement in animation may it be the amazing plot,animation,soundtrack or characters this is a one of a kind film that must be seen in theaters to truly get the best experience of the film and is hands down got to be the best film for January and wouldn’t be surprised if it would be nominated for awards, and just like the rest I’ll be waiting for Makoto’s next great idea.