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Nicole Velasco, Writer

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                                      KOBE BRYANT 


‘‘Heros come and go but legends are forever’’- Kobe Bryant 

The Lakers have gone through a huge tradegy on January 26,2020. The death of all time NBA player Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant died in a helicopter crash. Kobe Bryant lost his life in a helicopter crash, his daughter Gianna Bryant lost her life in that helicopter crash and 7 other passengers including the pilot. Kobe Bryant was 41 years old, he entered the NBA after high school, he played his entire professional career with the Lakers and won five NBA championships. Kobe Bryant also won two Olympic gold medals. He coached a team called ‘little mambas’ in that team two players died on the helicopter crash, Gianna Bryant and Allyce were in the same basketball team, Allyce Altobelli was the point guard for the little mambas lost her life in the Kobe helicopter crash. The Lakers were very devastated, Lebron James and Shaquille O’neal were so sadden by this tragedy, this tragedy impacted the whole Lakers team even retired players. Rest Easy 

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