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What is SUNEUNG  ? it is the college scholastic ability test that comes every November  and  one of the most important exams for high school students in Korea   .  It’s a back to back eight hour exam on many subjects like English , mathematics , history , national language , social studies , sciences and second foreign language  .   Most students spend the majority of their life preparing for this test and study outside of school eight hours per day to get a spot in one of the best universities .  To help them prepare parents go as far as to wait for them once there done with school which is around ten  and after that there taken to a  private tutor  or academies and get off at 1 pm  . Getting into a university is a big deal  in Korea because it will determine the rest of your life  and getting into one means  scoring a high score on the exam .  One of the difficulties senior face is distraction when preparing for  exam  one of those distractions  is wanting to hang out with friends having those thoughts are no good  reduces time from their studying .  Around  this time Parents  have to work even harder if they have students in their senior year and go through the process together . The day of the exam the younger students & parents  come to the schools entrance to cheer & support them with signs wishing them the best  it’s a tradition .  Religion is a big huge  matter when it comes to exam . Even before the exam parents   pray for  their child  not  to get nervous and to do well on the exam .  Some parents even go to a fortuneteller to see if their child will do  well on the exam .  Not doing well on this exam has a huge impact on parents that leads them into depression because they expect their child to full fill the dream they couldn’t have . Once exams are over students celebrate making it through the exam and spend time with their friends .


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