Bojack horsemen

Jacob Garcia

Throughout the finale of the animated show Bojack Horseman many things are shown to happen to all the characters but one thing that is very apparent through this season is how the characters deal with their problems with the big theme throughout the show being depression. When we first see the main character Bojack in this season we find him in rehabilitation where he is trying to become sober after causing the death of his close friend Sarah Lynn and is now trying to become a new person but no matter how much he tries to become a better person his past will always haunt him. This is best shown in the second half of the season where two journalists reveal all the mistakes that Bojack has made throughout his life. When all his misdeeds were shown to the public, all respect he had would be lost making him go into a down  spiral of mistakes were in the climax he would nearly die leaving him stuck in a purgatory like state seeing those that meant something special to him in life who had died in the series. In this purgatory he would of his greatest fear, his morality and the legacy he will leave behind once he is gone. This is best shown with each of the performances the characters give with each of them showing more and more about him.

Besides Bojack another character that has to deal with depression is Diane with this time not being subtle but more now explaining what goes through her mind through her daily life in the series. From the last time Diane was seen in the series she had just gone through her divorce with Mr. Peanut Butter and is now trying to find herself and seems to succeed in the first half of the season due to her finding a special guy. This relationship seems to keep her happy until she has to write her autobiography but the more and more she thinks about what to write the more she thinks that she isn’t good enough. This over lingering thought in her mind gets more into her head to the point that she can’t live her normal life and all she could think about is how disappointing she has been to everyone in her life. These depictions of depression throughout the show have always been one of the things the writing team has always been praised for as it is one of the most realistic depictions of depression unlike other Netflix original shows 13 Reason Why. This show has always been more than just a simple show about talking animals going on adventures and always has been about how the characters face their inner demons with many depiction of how life could turn out for the worse. This is always shown with all the death,depression, and many other mental illnesses, but the stand out of the story is terrible parents with all of the main characters dealing with the actions of their parents with one another may it be the fear to start a family,fear of loving or caring about someone, or not thinking you’re good enough.