Xbox And PlayStation


Francisco Hernandez

Francisco Hernandez




Period 1


December 10th 2020


Xbox and Playstation


The next generation for consoles are coming out and there are two main ones  PlayStation and 


Xbox. What makes them rivals in marketing?. Which is the better console? Both of the consoles are 


known for mostly their fan bases and a term called ¨Console Wars¨ but there are 

two main differences in the consoles games and hardware. When the Xbox 360 was released it 


was the dominant console in 2005 the sales were great and prices were good. Playstation didn’t 


do so well, they couldn’t figure out a price and couldn’t focus on their console in the beginning 


stages of the PS3´s release. But they got their stuff together and set a good price and what 


made it superior over the Xbox 360 is that PlayStation has exclusive games which is a big  Advantage Xbox was losing


sales since they did not focus on their community wanting different things which let the PS3 get way more sales than


Xbox. Fast forward to 2013 both companies PlayStation and Xbox released new consoles that succeeded their past


consoles. Xbox did not stand a chance, it didn’t give the players what they wanted and focused on something


unnecessary. PlayStation improved on their consoles with better price, more games and better graphics. Xbox made up


for it by releasing a game pass and release two new versions of their consoles that gave them a boost the two new

consoles were the smallest they ever made the Xbox One S and the best they had from that gen the Xbox One X. 


PlayStation did the same by releasing a better version of their console the PS4 Pro with better accessories and exclusive


titles.That brings us to now the next generation of consoles will have to meet these standards of 120 Frame per second.


 1 Terabyte of memory and also 1440p the XSX (Xbox Series X) has met these standards so has the PS5 but they are

bringing new things to the table. XSX has brought in game pass ultimate which allows players to get access to 200+


games by paying it monthly. XSX has also a better suited controller for competitive play and has brought Game pause


this feature allows you to jump into another game and once you are done you can loadback to the previous game


without having to log in. Both consoles have better load in times When the consoles come out we will see which will be


the better console this time.