Social Dilemma Documentary Review

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Samantha Garcia, Contributor

Do you think that you know what’s behind your Social Media platforms? This Netflix documentary talks about positive and negative viewpoints on how social media has evolved and contains eye-opening information at our fingertips. Many ex-workers of major social media companies like Twitter, Instagram, and Google speak on what it was like working with these companies and the secrets they had to contain for the sake of the company’s reputation. They finally come out with the truth and release the tactics that these companies have been using to keep us on our devices. They describe how it targets young ages and express their concern on how these platforms continue to minimize human interaction.

Have you ever wondered why you get notifications on your phone? We think it´s to notify us when someone has texted us or if we have an upcoming event we must attend. If we ask ourselves why they are constantly popping up we may realize that it is a call from these platforms that you have been off the internet too long for their convenience. From personal experience, I have realized that when I am actually in the moment and not on my phone I receive at least 11 notifications from different apps. The notifications would say things like ¨ See these recommended videos ¨I think you would like this content¨.

Another more specific example would be the recommended videos on your Youtube. These so-called recommended videos are only there because they know what interests you to watch. When they pop up you click and realize that it is familiar content one can watch them for probably hours without knowing. I have once seen the recommended section and was stuck watching for about 2 to 3 hours. These are just a few ways a certain platform can and will continue to keep you are your devices and make themselves money. In the end, all of these ex-workers of huge tech and social media companies can all agree that there has to be some sort of change if we want to continue to use media platforms without allowing them to harm us in any way. Tristan Harris is a former Google design ethicist and when asked if he thinks we are even going to reach that goal he responds ¨We have too¨.