The Greatness of Futbol!

The Greatness of Futbol!

Angel Moses Morales, Contributor

Soccer/Futbol is a popular well known sport that is played all across the world. There are even tournaments that have teams that are from every corner of the planet, playing to win trophies and wanting to be the best. Futbol is a sport that requires not much but two different teams that have 11 players, a ball, and goal post to be able to be played. Futbol has a long history of its own development and improved throughout time.

The futbol we know today was invented in England. Futbol has records tracing back to more than 2,000 years ago back in ancient China, greek, Rome, and some parts of Central America. Soccer was actually confirmed as a sport in England in around 1863 when presented on TV worldwide. Pro futbol on world football TV started on October 22, 1939, showing off teams from around the world competing against each other to be champions.

Futbol is like technology, the more time that passes, the better the quality. It used to be shown in black and white, and now it has perfect quality. Even teams have improved and gotten smarter by coming up with tactics, skill moves, and plays. Technology actually works and is used in futbol. Ever since drones have been invented, they have been used in the field to capture unique moments and different points of view for the viewers to see the intense game play. Another example is VAR. VAR is a short term for “Video assistant Referees” , it help determine if a team scored or not.

Throughout history, futbol has been an important part of sports and for the people who adore it so much. From it being originated from the past, coming to the present, and going to be in the future, there is so much excitement. Beneficial or entertaining for viewers and fans, it’s improving and in the future, it’s gonna get better, either in technology, players, methods, and possibly newer actions. Futbol has and is going to have a long history of its development and improvement throughout time and history.