Mental Health

Mental Health

Francisco Hernandez

Francisco Hernandez





 Mental Health

Why is Mental Health so important? Mental health helps us keep going and not lose motivation and if we don’t take

care of it there can be consequences. It can also affect daily tasks if you have bad mental health. Mental Health is really

important because it affects our daily lives with every choice we make. It is really dangerous if you don’t take good care

of yourself you can help yourself get better because it’s just as important as work.The rate of how having bad mental

health can affect you negatively


Some people don’t know what mental health is and why

it’s a part of us which is why it affects you without even

knowing. Mental health is our personality mixed in with

our conscience. Everyone has a different type depending

on what they went through their life. For example when

someone loses something important like a loved one their

mental health decreases and it makes you have negative

thoughts. When that happens the person can react in

many different ways anger,Sadness are two frequent ones

when you feel those it affects your mental health because

you may become irrational and you won’t act like yourself. There’s many different types of mental health everyone’s is

different, everyone is different. When you don’t care of it, your daily activities may be at stake.

Mental health can affect the biggest things and

smallest things every decision depends on your

mental health.When you are sad you usually feel

tired and not motivated which causes you to fall

behind which affects you even more because you

could be scared of failing. For example you can be

angry and go to work if somebody tells you

something you dislike you’ll most likely yell out

and lash out at everyone just because how angry

you are and you have unhealthy thoughts. When people are angry it includes yelling,Violence,and stress it can all affect

you negatively you can hurt people in  your fit of rage because some people act off their emotions. That’s some of the

things you may feel during when your stressed your emotions affect your mental health these days people are sad and

angry it happens so much that that’s how they normally feel trapped which can be a bad thing but it can be fixed.


There are many ways to take care of your mental health. It is never too late to fix it because there is therapy, emotional

support and friends. There will be people who will genuinely make you feel better in life, people you are close with will

make you happy. For example when you are having fun it’s best to express it to someone you know so they can also get

excited while talking about it you will feel happy since you made someone happy. The way it works so astonishingly

when you are with someone you know that makes you happy you’ll be happier and they will make you feel better


friends are there to help so never be closed up. Mental health is a big problem with all this bad stuff happening but

people are here to help you so overall this gives you reasons to take care of yourselves.

Your mental health does affect you. It can make you have emotions and also you can take care of your mental Health.

Why is mental Health ignored? It would be a better place if everyone was happy all of them felt themselves and there

was no negativity. Everyone should check up on people that are close to them just to see if they are okay. You can be

helped by people that care about you and don’t have negative thoughts.



Here is a website that has more information and health lines for people that are need: