Problems With Plastic


Francisco Hernandez





Problems With Plastic


Has the problem of plastic stoppable or has it been littered around beyond repair?

Plastic is a durable material that is in our daily lives plastic bottles,Plastic Straws,Plastic bags. Majority of what we use is plastic. It wouldn’t be a problem if we can dispose of it safely but we can’t because it is affecting our ecosystem and is causing climate change. These side effects will stack later  on in the future but there have been some attempts to re-purpose plastic.

There are three possible solutions one of the three is re-purposing plastic There have been many examples of how people repurposed plastic. People have recycled plastic boxes to make them bottles or make them boxes overall just an endless cycle of reusing it this can solve many problems we won’t have to create plastic which can cause us to have less of it littered around. Another idea of how people recycled it is roads making roads take a long time and are expensive but a company in china had an idea they started making roads out of plastic the benefits are it’s easier to place down it is recycled plastic it lasted longer than regular non plastic roads and are smoother than concrete roads.

This idea helps with solving the problem but how will we get all the plastic and we don’t have time to recycle all plastic since it takes a long time to do that so that solution won’t work until we have a different one that buys it time to take effect which brings me to the next possible solution.


Disposing of plastic is another possible solution that can happen in plastic waste fills. What can help us dispose of it and how will it do it?

The plastic can be burned in waste fills like how we dispose of other trashes like paper cotton wood. We can burn it until it’s gone but there’s a few drawbacks. Plastic is a really durable material it will take a long time to burn it all and it most of all it will affect our Ozone layer which will make problems worse for us but scientist have found out that meal worms have a bacteria that can break down plastic with this strong bacteria CNN 10 has reported this story.

So we can re-purpose plastic fast enough and we can’t destroy it fast enough; it simply takes too long to have those methods to be effective so what if we just don’t use plastic.


There have been people suggesting an alternative for plastic like replacing plastic straws,Bags,Cups and bottles. This option can work in different ways people have tried using metal straws to replace plastic but some people aren’t a fan about the idea of another alternative. When people use plastic bags that are reusable or paper bags both work pretty well reusing the bag is recycling it for the same purpose. So re-purposing is a solution that is effective if everyone contributes. In the end recycling is a great way to make sure plastic doesn’t go to waste or littered.


In conclusion plastic is a big problem but it can be slowed down until we have a better solution. The three best working ones are recycling, re-purpose,Replacing it, those three don’t harm the environment and are a better solution than burning or destroying it. Overall the best way to do it is up to you or what suits you. The environment is really precious and one of a kind and plastic harms it.