Human Interest Article

Alma Valdez, Contributor

It’s no new thing to say that females and males and people of color get treated differently just because of what they were born with. Women used to get treated a lot differently and are labeled as fragile people, for example women’s suffrage movement did help with proving that women have the power to do what they think is right just like any man . Voting in the USA, even when women in the USA could vote people of color could not vote . Which is absolutely amazing to say that we can vote now. There are still many people who still believe that women should belong in the kitchen while men work hard ,some men and women still believe that.Though these are major things, things like wearing the same outfits as the opposite gender is still something people get ridiculed about and some people get beat up because of it. Just because I am saying that women have it very difficult it does not mean that men have it so easy, they have been taught to live up to hardly showing any emotions, act tough and have a stable job to go back home with your family.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal.”- Declaration of Independence . In the 1848 women decided to take action into their own hands and start women’s suffrage in hopes of gaining the right to vote. Through many gatherings and peaceful protests they finally were able to vote in 1920. It took 72 years of protesting in order to get the right to vote for the next president of the United States of America . Women were celebrating that we now have the same right to vote as white men. People of color were yet unable to vote so when women were able to vote colored women were not allowed to vote until February 3 1870. 

Men have been taught to not show emotions, to always act tough. Showing strong emotions like crying it seems like something unfortunate had happened ,that’s what many people were taught. “To be a man meant to be powerful and confident, but also to command respect. Men never got beaten up, and certainly never cried. Yet here I was, tears still at the corners of my swollen black eyes, being told that this one moment, and my passage through it, had made me a man.” – What Getting Beat Up Taught Me About Being a Man . Men should be taught now that they can show strong emotions like a woman can without being shamed and looked down on. 

Women have shown that they are not so fragile as some men think they are to be. Men crying or having any emotion get ridiculed for “acting like a girl” . People of color being treated differently from any other person should not have been a thing. Knowing that people get looked down on just because how they were born and had no way of controlling is difficult to believe.