The Long Journey…

The Long Journey...

Angel Moses Morales, Contributor

The most fascinating organism ever in history is the human race! The human race has adapted many times and in many ways throughout hundreds and thousands of years. We changed intellectually and behaviorally with not only with the community, but with ourselves. This shows how time can be the biggest impact to anything and make it a long journey.

The change in intellect is increased because in past times such as BC and AC, we didn’t have technology that’s been made. It was more complex because in the past we didn’t really know how life worked or tried to learn. But as more time passes, we start learning newer information that makes us improve more and more.

Another change with the human adaptation is in behavior. Our generation has changed our behavior because we are more social and calm in the community. For example, when we walk in public and there’s someone coming towards you, you move to the side respectfully so they can pass by. In the past, behaviors would have people being violent to each other. For example like slavery, this period of time only made the dark skin people suffer by inequality. This shows how unequal and disrespectful the past may have been compared to the present.

Throughout history, there have been many different impacts in the world. Impacts including the human race and it’s changes with the factors by the change in behavior and intellect. Compared the past to the present, the changes are dramatically different and in a positive way. The human race has come a long journey and still has more to go.