Silverado and Blue Ridge Wildfires


Noah Berger

Wildfire expanded on the Silverado Trail in St. Helena, California, burning thousands of acres of land.

Daniel Agama , Contributor

More devastating factors besides Covid-19 had struck the state of California with raging fires along the West Coast! Suffering was brought upon families and wild animals living nearby. A recent fire, the Silverado Fire began on October 26 at 6:47 in the morning. According to SoCal Edison, fire officials said PG&E transmission lines sparked that fire, which destroyed hundreds of homes and caused nearly 100,000 people to flee. Due to the Santa Ana Winds which were dry and strong, the fire had spread to the hills near Irvine which caused 9,000 residents of Irvine to evacuate immediately. 


As the fire increased, covering 12,00 acres more and more people were advised to evacuate. The LAist said all residences from Irvine Boulevard south to Trabuco Road and from Jeffrey Road east to Portola High School, communities in the city of Lake Forest, Baker Ranch and Foothill Ranch, and residents in Modjeska Canyon had a mandatory evacuation. The fire affected many people, causing 70,000 people to leave including some of the staff from Santa Ana High School. Especially, those who had to come into close contact with the blazes, stated in The LAist, two firefighters were burned over at least half of their bodies. 


In addition to the tragedy, the Silverado Fire spread by dry winds caused the Blue Ridge Fire, covering 15,000 acres. According to Eyewitness News, mandatory evacuations in the Hidden Hills neighborhood of Yorba Linda, Chino Hills, and Brea were triggered to get people to safety. Of course people were not the only ones that were forced to leave their homes, according to CBSN Los Angeles. The Santa Ana Zoo is providing shelter for about 150 animals from Orange County Zoo in Irvine Regional Park that were evacuated because of the Silverado and Blue Ridge wildfires. As the evacuations and wildfires continued more and more ashes and other debris covered nearby cities carried by the Santa Ana Winds. 


Under the circumstances of smoke and ashes along with Covid-19, it was  advised more than ever to wear a mask in California.