The Serious Issue of Kidnapping

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Juliana Valente, Contributor

          Many people have been realizing how serious of a problem kidnapping has become recently. According to CNN’s Kidnapping Statistics, each year around 800,000 children go missing every year, around 2,000 every day. The world is just getting more and more scary everyday as we continue on this earth. The scarier part is that not each person abducted is a stranger to the abductor, sometimes it is a family member that abducts the victim.

          It is more likely for an abductor to be a family member or a friend than it being a complete stranger. According to the Parents website, there are more family members kidnapping than strangers kidnapping the victims. The possibilities of “family kidnapping” is 49% likely to happen, “acquaintance kidnapping” is 27% likely to happen, and “stranger kidnapping” is 24% likely to happen. But, this is without the reasons as to why, like, taking your child to which you lost custody without asking for permission. Although this is still considered kidnapping it more understanding than a stranger taking a child, because a parent wants to see their child. This leads to the information that with family kidnappings the victims are mostly 6 and under years of age and the acquaintance kidnappings are more juvenile. Meanwhile, the stranger kidnappings could variety from school-age children to teenagers. 

          When a abduction is a stranger kidnapping it’s possibly a girl being kidnapped with the intentions of sex trafficking or a boy trying to be robbed, like for their personal belongings. Lately, there has been a lot of increase in kidnappings. Near and in Santa Ana there have been a lot of cases of people being missing, and close to where people would go before others went missing. It is important to try to figure out a way to help decrease the amount of cases of kidnapping in general around the world. That way we can also help decrease the amount of sex trafficking there is on the world. It is very important that a solution is found before sex trafficking becomes a normal everyday thing. If cases keep rising then every child in the world is more at risk of being kidnapped.