How Real is Criminal Minds?

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Juliana Valente, Contributor

          Many crime shows or movies are usually fiction and are not realistic at all. Would Criminal Minds, one of the famous crime shows, be considered fiction or nonfiction? Criminal Minds is a TV show that is more focused on dangerous crimes. It is about crime cases being solved and what the process is like when trying to catch a criminal. In the show the main characters are the BAU team, a part of the FBI. They are the main characters trying to solve the serious crimes that regular police need help with. This show has been airing for 14 years and has 250 episodes. There are many similar TV shows like Criminal Minds but for now we are focusing only on Criminal Minds. Many of the cases seem really realistic on the show, they seem like situations that could happen or have happened. 

          Although, this show uses some real life cases as inspiration to their episodes. Insider says, “Although many of the show’s story lines are fictional, some of the bad guys seem to mirror real-life criminals like Ted Bundy or Richard Ramirez.” So, not every case is based on real-life situations that happened, but there is some that are. Like the first episode of season three was about “The Campus Killer” which was about a murderer that would kill college girls from the college he worked at as a security guard. He had that job so he could have access to the college girls and not look suspicious because of his job position. He would also lure his victims so he can earn their trust, that way it can be easier to lure them to him. When taken into interrogation he confessed. In real life he confessed to more than 30 murders all over the U.S. This was a real life case that happened and he got death penalty for killing a 12 year old girl. He was executed in 1989. 

          I feel like Criminal Minds is a good show, because it shows that some people are not who you think they are because they can be nice to you and kill you after or others around you. It is really scary to think about but it is something that can actually happen to you in real life. Overall, the show Criminal Minds can be considered reality because many episodes are based on true stories and the events did happen and other episodes are made up but are also events that can happen.