Senior prom tickets now on sale! From Zoom, Google Meets, to Dial-in call, you get to choose!

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Desperate Student group representative, Contributor

Have you heard the news?! This year’s Senior Prom will be held through the most trendy and unhackable platforms; Zoom, Google Meets, and even Dial-in Calls will be perfect options to practice social distancing from sweaty prepubescent boys and creepy middle-aged teachers who volunteered to chaperon. From the comfort of your undone bed, you’ll be able to have fun just like you did when you would go out before the pandemic, it’s not like you’re an introverted teen with no social life. But wait, there’s more! Instead of your school’s old smelly gym or the overpriced golf courses that are located god knows where, you’ll finally get to choose where you groove! Changing your background can range from Rome, Machu Picchu, or somewhere better than your toilet seat, you’ll finally be at a location that’s not selected by the self-absorbed student group at your school. So hurry up and buy your nearly $200 worth ticket to this one-night event that’ll probably either be decent or leave you terribly scarred for the rest of your life. Call to reserve and buy your entrance at 1-800-PleaseBuyTheTicketsWe’reRunningOutOfFunding.