The One with the Binge Watcher


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Lady Whistledown, Contributor

Santa Ana, the year 2021

Dearest Reader,

While I sit here typing this story I am currently streaming on my phone, computer and tablet, needless to say, I am plugged in.  I can’t seem to sit here without the enjoyment of so much drama.  Gibbs is tirelessly searching for a new criminal all the while upholding his manly arrogance and charming standoffishness.  Will he ever find love? Will he ever admit to his love?   Let us not forget those Gilmore Girls, who are a strange breed at that.  Constantly with their talking of nonsense and deliberating.  My head aches from the caffeine consumption and the ongoing babble, yet I cannot turn away from their ridiculously pale faces.  And talk about faces, who’s got the cutest face in the universe? oh that baby Yoda, yes he does! But we cannot forget the ongoing battle to save the universe from witches, aliens and androids by our beloved heroes.  Watching them bicker with each other, then miraculously come together to save the day is something I will never tire of.  Until next time.

Yours Truly,

Lady Whistledown