Online School Life Changing Experience

Daniel Agama, Contributor

As the school year progresses to an end and we hope the coming academic year can be somewhat normal to what school was before the pandemic, we bask in the memories of this year and feel a sense of time gone to waste. You wake up every morning expecting to do the same thing which is to stare at a screen for hours, and by that I mean our phones. With this the inducing fear of not learning anything due to procrastination rising with the day of AP exams and finals getting closer to knocking on our front doors, we copy and try to cram as much knowledge as possible but sometimes it is not enough. It is possible that we stopped trying because many were motivated by the anxiety of bieng called on in class and have everyone look at them whereas today we can say “I don’t know”, and not feel dumb. 


We hope that we do not have to go back to school since most of us have not had glow-ups or we are too lazy to actually walk out of the door. Since this seems like a crisis for most of us, it may sound even scarier to hear that many performers and athletes will have to return to school for practice in their area of expertise. With this in mind it makes it harder as we have completely shut ourselves off from the world and no longer hope to see others except for those who make us laugh which are complete strangers in different states. As we move on from this phase of emotional eating and hair loss due to stress, we look towards the  coming year to give us something to complain about like going to a place which feels like working a 9 to 5 job. Sometimes it feels like school was a distraction to the worst enemy we ever had and no I am not talking about the person that pushed us to get out of class faster but the only person holding us back, ourselves.