Are Video Games forms of art?

source: google images

source: google images

Isaac Rodriguez

    It is a commonly debated topic that Video games are forms of art. Some say video games are just mindless entertainment, while others believe that they are a form of art. These past few years have been great years for video games. Some amazing titles have been released, and some are good enough to be considered a form of artistic expression.Video games collide many forms of art together like, music, 3D modeling, voice acting, and narrative art, to make something amazing. Another reason why video games can be considered art is because they can be used to tell emotional, and beautiful stories that can be a memorable experience for players. 

     For example, in 2013 a game developed by the company named naughty dog released a game that changed the course of video games forever. One of the best video games of all time, “The last of us.”It has an amazing soundtrack, great voice acting, amazing motion capture, and a powerful story to keep players engaged. Winning best action adventure game, and best overall sound. Along with game of the year.  And some might ask how did this game change the course of video games? Its because before this game was released not many games tried telling dark and emotional stories, because they didn’t want to take risks. They thought that maybe their game will be criticized for being “too dark.” And the game company “naughty dog” wanted to take that risk and that was exactly the right move. when “The Last Of Us” released and became popular it popularized the idea of a dark and gritty video game. And soon many other video games did the same thing and other amazing games released, and proved that video games are art. Another reason why video games are art is because they are very similar to many other forms of art. 


      What do a lot of arts have in common? A lot of them tell a story, for example murals, paintings, and movies. They all are involved in narrative art. They present events unfolding visually. For example, the mural, “the last supper” retold the story of the last meal Jesus had with his apostles before his crucifixion. The movie “Titanic” tells a true story about the sinking of the titanic through the eyes of a fictional couple trying to survive the sinking. They all tell stories, just like video games. But there is one difference. You can’t change the story of a movie, or a painting. But you can with video games. You, the player, can change the outcome of the entire story. This brings so many opportunities for artistic expression. So in conclusion, art is an expression of creativity, skill and imagination. Video games require creativity, skill, and imagination to be made, and they have the ability to do anything a painting, mural, or sculpture can. In fact they can do more, by giving the player the opportunity to change the outcome of the story something other forms of art can’t do. Video games are one of the most important forms of art in our generation.