Our mental health during this year the Pros and cons and experience?

Our mental health during this year the Pros and cons and experience?

Alexa Rocha, Contributor

      Our mental health during this year the Pros and cons and experience?


   Our mental health has affected us in some way or another. It drastically affected us in our daily routine by how we eat or how our behavior is changing and is overseen by affecting our lives. People might have gotten more sleep and also more productivity before the pandemic.  


The pandemic has negatively impacted physical and mental health well-being such as increasing more screen time and a reduction in physical activity. According to research, an average person needs to have physical activity approximately 30 minutes a day. 


Experts say that the healthy amount of screen time for adults is at least two hours per day; many people don’t follow these healthy guidelines since the pandemic started. People have been using screen time for almost 12 hours per day. 


The top pros of our mental health are that you have more clearer thinking, Increased self-esteem, Reduced chance of depression, Improvement in relationships, Our mental health is so important because it provides us to mentally grow and boosts our mood in so many ways.  Having stable mental health benefits us because we can achieve more things in life and accomplishments. It also improves levels of physical fitness and having to start a day being productive and having a positive attitude. 


Our Mental health has a lot of advantages to our existence, it makes us have greater self-acceptance and it improves self-expression and management of emotions, and reduces depression. And anxiety. 


The top cons of having negative mental health can have a tough time getting to sleep, having a sloppy schedule at the beginning of your day, Increased anxiety and dispersion, Increased risk of self-harm, and having suicidal thoughts and loneliness. 


I believe that this pandemic had affected my life to the point where I couldn’t sleep because of my anxiety and stress that caused my sleep schedule to change and increase my screen time on my phone to almost 10 hours per day.


There are many solutions by asking for help in our community such as services that are available to all people, counselors, and therapists. We need to prioritize our mental health first than anything.