Fake News In Santa Ana Due To Social Media


 Photograph by Denis Tangney Jr  



In the city of Santa Ana fake news is an issue, especially on social media.  In Santa Ana the news that most affects it, is when they say it has a lot of violence. The fake news about violence always comes from social media. Most news outlets do not report about it, seeing that it comes from social media but there are always those few outlets that want viewers.

Fake news is always to make someone or a group of people look really bad or really good. And in Santa Ana it always seems to be really bad news. They as a community have bettered their city like their parks, the schools, the streets but somehow on social media Santa Ana is a hood and gang, dirty city. Social media is tricky to know what’s real and what’s not.  


There are many pictures of Santa Ana being “ghetto” and “dirtybut most of the pictures only have some trash on the floor. Or there are not even pictures of Santa Ana and yet desprit news outlets still use it as picture “evidence”. This is a big issue to the community of Santa Ana because it risks companies not wanting to upcycle and donate to the community.