Pollution in the City and its Oceans


In the city of Santa Ana, there is pollution. Every day, the people of Santa Ana drop trash and release harmful chemicals that linger in the air. As you know, we use resources such as cars and factories that release carbon dioxide which is harmful to human beings. But fortunately, there are trees planted around the city that take in that carbon dioxide and make the oxygen fresher. However, simply because we know that there are trees around the city that help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, does not mean there is no need for caution.

Things like confetti and big celebrations also make the Earth and our city unclean. Confetti can only be put in the trash and eventually ends up in a landfill or the oceans. Instead, the people of Santa Ana can use leaves that fall from trees to make different shaped objects. For big celebrations or parties, it’s also preferable that the people use recyclable plastic or washable plates. Instead of throwing those water bottles out, we can recycle them or we can acquire reusable water bottles that will help reduce the amount of garbage rolling around the city and beaches. 

To lend a helping hand to the oceans, use less waste such as plastic water bottles, foam cups, and aluminum cans. Reusable straws or paper straws are preferable and are eco-friendly. To help the environment, we can also reduce the amount of trash we see around us by planning and having gatherings with others to clean the beaches as well as the city. Therefore, the city of Santa Ana and its beaches need your help.