The Pros of Coming Back

When Covid-19 stuck all over the world, there was question asked on whether or not they should let students attend school. Santa Ana’s District is letting students go back to school a year and a half after being quarantined due to Covid-19 and there are good possibilities that could happen.

There have been many pros of students coming back to school. Students weren’t as social when they were at home, so when they went back to school they talked more with other students. When the students were stuck at home some of them weren’t paying attention, now they have to pay attention and learn. The teachers and students didn’t really connect when they were behind the screens since most students didn’t turn on their cameras but now the teachers could help the students if they are socially awkward. Students are now getting tested for Covid-19 at school with no payment, if we didn’t go back to school we would most likely have to get tested on our own time and if they did give free-tests, some would probably be to busy to go. There is also the fact that distance learning is still new to some teachers and they won’t know how to do some things like turning on other student cameras or microphones which would be bad for the students but if we go back then there will be problems with the teacher who doesn’t know much about technology.

While yes there are many pros of going back to school there are still cons of going back to school. Cons are the idea of Covid spreading, parents who dislike the new rules, and ect. This doesn’t mean that those cons can’t be stopped, students should make an effort on trying to stop Covid from spreading and try to convince their parents that the new rules are safe for them.There have and still are many news reports on whether or not we should be going back which is why this is a community issue.