In the city of Santa Ana there are many people who litter on streets, roads, private properties, etc.  They trash many other places, and it isn’t good for the environment .  Now as quarantine cases have been going down there’s so much trash because people didn’t go out as much so if someone threw trash none would be out to pick it up and throw it away so none was able to pick it up. If people do see trash they can easily go to the nearest trash can or they can hold onto it until they get home and throw it away there.

From people throwing trash in random places instead of a trashcan it makes the environment look bad.  Instead of throwing it on the floor they should throw it in a trash can or trash bin. There are alot of people who have gone against littering and explaining to the government to try to stop people from littering, But they don’t do anything about it even if you get a ticket for littering cops won’t see the people who do it. That’s why they should pay more attention to the people who litter and make more changes.

Littering has become very bad, it makes a lot of trash in cities and countries,  it is bad for our community and environment.  They also have very bad chemicals and virusus,  which can end up getting very bad for the world if a virus does end up spreading out.  It can make us go into quarantine, and that would kill a lot of the population. That is why littering is very bad and why we should help clean up all other places or go to a club at school where you can help the community clean up.