Back to school



On September 16, 2021, I interviewed a 12th-grade student named Edwin Jardon near building 5. I asked him whether or not I could interview him; he said yes. I took out my phone and a paper and started to ask him.
I questioned him about things he thought about school as well as how he felt this year. Edwin was polite throughout the interview; he answered all of the questions but, the interview didn’t last too long due to him just saying a sentence worth of questions. When I reached the final question, I asked him, “Could you describe your experience going back to school?” Edwin replied, “At first it was had to adjust to the new schedule and, then it was hard to get to class to class but, after a week, I got used to it.” This question was a question I needed an answer to, “How did students get back to the routine of things?” On the first day of school, I was wondering to myself that question so, when I saw my opportunity, I questioned it.
When students come back to school, some of them act differently than usual. Especially this year because we were distant learning for a year and a half. As we saw from Edwin’s answer, at first, it’s hard to get used to the new things but, we’ll get used to them at some point.