People of SAHS

Back to School


I was on campus when I saw this group of students talking, so I walked up & began speaking to this group. I asked them if I could interview them for a quick moment,  this was how it went.

The students’ names were Star, Angie & Betsy. All were sophomores, I began asking them if they how their Santa Ana High experience has been. Star said it was a rush because they are already into their second year. Angie added that it’s been chill but has gotten a bit quicker. Betsy mentioned that she was excited to get into school spirit by attending some events. When asked which events they were most anticipated Betsy said the football games, Star said she wanted to see the acting performances but Angie mentioned the Choir performances. When asked if they missed attending in-person classes they each said it varied. While they were excited to be together physically instead of digitally, that they look forward to each day. In all Angie summed it up by saying that while it’s a roller coaster of a year it’s best to stick it out with those that mean the most to you.