Lunch time at SAHS

 Everyone knows lunch will always be for Thirty or twenty minutes in Santa Ana Highschool. It always feels so long but it is not, People mostly find areas to sit and to relax. I see people use their phones all by themselves. Also now you can buy stuff from vending machines and buy some popsicles for 2 dollars and 25 cents, not that much of a bad price.  I think every Friday there are always games in the middle of the lunch area. Teachers take their time to feel calm and to enjoy their time. For example here, a classroom was causing distractions and did not follow classroom orders, The staff in this school can relax in their classrooms minding their business. All teachers need a break from helping their students and teaching their class. This is why lunchtime is a good opportunity for everyone on campus. Cesar Ramirez is a student I interviewed about lunchtime. He likes to focus on his classes to have a successful future. He even told me that he spends time with his friends at lunch.