SAHS Frosh Football Team


  Football is a great sport to make a career to have in the future. For “Santa ana” high school students, starting earlier can lead to success in the future. The frosh team is already proving their work from training to be successful. And are getting close to securing their future careers. 


The freshman team has had a great season overall. This game was against saddleback and our frosh team won them with 42 points. This game reflects the season as a whole, SAHS frosh team has taken wins more than they have lost. During the season the team won by 20-40 points during past games. They did not just win home games but also away games. They had great catchers and great runners. 

Their coaches trained them every day every week so they would be at their very best. We continue to celebrate their great game back, past wins, as well as their coming wins. We appreciate their coach Allchin and their coach Cruz for having a great team and pushing them to their very best.