Let’s Raise the Wages

As people leave high school, they get jobs either to have enough money for college or housing but, is it enough? Through this decade, people have been asking themselves whether or not minimum wage jobs pay enough. This has been questioned enough to the point where government officials even question it. Some think that minimum wage needs to be paid more, while others don’t agree with this.

Back in 1938, minimum wages were created under the Fair Labor Standard Act. to give employees a better living habit for their health, starting at 25 cents per hour. Each year the payment increases where now it’s between 7 through 15 dollars in the United States. There are a lot of good reasons why minimum wage jobs should raise their payments. According to Britannica’s Pros & Cons Article, these are the arguments that people make. The pros of raising the minimum wages are reducing poverty, income inequality, race, gender inequality, and high school dropouts. Reducing poverty would give people more of a chance to find a place to stay. Reducing race and gender inequality would make certain groups of people feel like they aren’t being treated differently for their gender or race. If you want these changes to happen then, try to convince other people to see why these changes can help them. But with every pro of an argument, there must also come cons. People have argued against these ideas, but I still believe that raising minimum wages is a good idea and I’m not alone.

Many workers have complained about the amount they’re being paid, so Joe Biden, the president of the United States, had an act made in April trying to solve this problem. Where now the bosses must pay their employees $15 an hour. This act will stay until his presidential year is over until then, let’s see the good that can come out of this.