‘Dancing with the Staff’ creates joy, entertainment

“Dancing with the Staff” was a friendly competition between students and staff held on November 3rd in Bill Medley Auditorium.


Students joined in to perform alongside their teachers to compete for the prize. 


To make things fair, the audience had the opportunity to vote and choose who they liked best out of all the performances. 


Everyone waited patiently as the auditorium began filling up with more and more people. 


Ms. Huizar opened the show for the night as AMC and was quick to introduce the performers. Mr. Bailey, Ms. Dinh, Ms. Barajas, Mr. Perez, Mr. Gonzalez, and more performed. The crowd eagerly began cheering for their peers. 


The first three to put on the show were our advanced dancers, ballet Folklorico, and finally the dance team. They would go on and perform a variety of music including rap, pop, reggaeton. 


One of the highlights of the night was Mr.Schwinges performance as he showed off his moves to Daddy Yankee and Bad Bunny. 


The stage was full of energy and excitement, changing theme colors for each individual team. All the participants seemed to have an incredible time. 


Winners were announced at the end of the night, as everyone waited anxiously for the results. 


Mr. Nguyen won audience choice and Ms. Spielfogel won the disco ball award. Extremely happy with the results, they gave their speech thanking and giving credit to those who helped. They were shown love and applauded afterward. 


“It’s been fun and a journey,” dance team member Lorena Ochoa said of the experience. 


Estrella Gutierrez added “As long as you put in time and effort, you’ll be fine.” 


Mr. Nguyen agreed with the statement, saying “It’s been a fantastic and fun experience. It doesn’t matter if we don’t win, as long as we all had fun.”