‘Un Traguito De Amor’ makes history


Photo by Alondra Rios

“Un Traguito De Amor” broke boundaries during its run November 7-10 in the little theater.  

The play made history at Santa Ana High School, as the very first play performed by two entirely different casts: Spanish and English. Nearly a full house gathered in the audience to watch “Un Traguito De Amor” performed in full-length by both casts. 

A chaotic family who struggles to keep their company making things after meeting Cecilia. Two feuding tequila companies fight for the very soul of Mexico. A determined woman who knows what she is after no matter the price. Another conflict occurs after facing the CEO of Hielo Azul, an ambitious businesswoman who desires more and more. Who will help them get their company back and how will the family work as a team? 

“I feel extremely honored and excited,” Savannah Sotelo, main lead playing Margarita Cienfuegos said. “I’ve worked very hard for this and for so long I feel so grateful I was given the opportunity.” 

Carla Valencia played the antagonist, Cecilia Diamonte, for which the audience laughed and cheered at her acting skills. Valencia seemed to have grabbed the audience’s attention since the very beginning of the play. 

Valencia said after the play, “ Acting raises my self-esteem and allows me to be really comfortable with who I am as a person.” 

As the play came to an end the feisty and fearless CEO Maribel came to her death as she got the audience into full shock and speechlessness.  

“Playing a role where I had to die at the end was not easy at all. A lot of thinking came into mind analyzing how someone really made it seem like a death,” Kassandra Rios said of the experience. 

Les Miserables’ is an upcoming musical play, with auditions set for Tuesday, December 20th.