TV Review: Kaleidoscope disappoints despite anticipation

Kaleidoscope is a series on Netflix where you can watch it in any order and the ending will all be the same. The first episode came out on January 1.

I had high hopes for this show when I heard about the out-of-order thing. Sadly, I realized around the fourth or fifth episode that the timeline/colors are a gimmick meant to distract you from rather uninspiring plot development.

Kaleidoscope tries really hard to be tragic, heartfelt, and uplifting, but in the end I was left despising most, if not all of the characters for their choices at various moments throughout. Ironically, the only character I don’t dislike is the villain (who is made out to be this horrible guy but he really isn’t).

The protagonist suffers from increasingly crippling symptoms of Parkinson’s, yet the writers still cannot make me feel bad for him. The cast has zero chemistry and lacks compelling performances.

The writers attempt to add mystery to the female lead by incorporating an immigrant backstory and an Argentinian accent, but this attempt fails. The two FBI detectives are especially forgettable.

This show is the type where you watch the first episode and it feels like 100 years have gone by. It really isn’t good and wouldn’t recommend it.


Argelia’s Score- 1.5/5


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