Film production students tap into creativity


Photo by Ivette Saenz

Santa Ana High’s Film Production class is a space where students bring their ideas to life in the form of scripts, and eventually movies. 

The students express themselves by making films and find influence while learning that art and creativity can lead to a career and the program can also complement their English classes as it  helps them with writing and reading skills.

The film production students also have a chance to work with actual filmmakers to learn what it feels like to  be on a film set. 

Some Santa Ana alumni have gone on to UCI and other universities to pursue careers in the film industry. 

Film teacher Eric Timmons said, “Sharing my love of storytelling and writing with students has always been sort of evaluating for me as a teacher.”

Film Production has a program for  grade levels from to freshmen to seniors, it’s also attached  to an English class. 

They  start with narrative video production telling stories, after that the sophomores start doing traditional movies, juniors do documentaries and, at the end the seniors put all of them together, and they choose what to make. Timmons advice is, ¨Take every moment you have and always remember that you’re working towards something.” 


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