SAHS presents Les Miserables


Photo by Alondra Rios

‘Les Miserables’ was performed at the Bill Medley Auditorium from March 1-4 in front of nearly sold out crowds. 

The story revolves around Jean Valjean and his life as he needed to overcome difficulties encountered on his way, being more than a play for some and a life lesson from which they can learn. 

Loud cheering was heard as every character performed as solos or as a group. Luis Rocha, who performed all four days was positively applauded on numerous occasions for his work as the main character, Valjean.  

The character had to sacrifice many things and become a better person not only for himself but for his friends. 

“I feel that my role was able to show that whatever bad you have done, there is always a chance for redemption,” Rocha said. “I felt great being the main star of the show, it showed me that I can do anything I put my mind to no matter how difficult it is.” 

A red and black cast (two separate casts), was used to show the different interpretations of each role. 

Fantine set the tone of the musical, giving Valjean a greater purpose for going on and the audience a full shock when she died unexpectedly. 

“I feel really proud of everyone in the cast, the experience was so fun and everyone grew as a performer,” Anna Cecilia Fierro said of playing Fantine. 

‘Les Mis’ is a play that not only played an important part for many of the cast, but a way to show the importance of forgiving and moving on. 



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