TV Review: “Behind Her Eyes”

“Behind Her Eyes” is a Netflix series that was produced by Steve Lightfoot and was released on February 17, 2021. The series contains a total of six episodes, each around an hour long. Unfortunately, there are currently no plans of there being a second season to this series. 

The storyline involves Louise, the main character and single mother, developing feelings for her soon-to-be boss. She continues to have an affair with her boss while having a friendship with his wife in secret. Louise is oblivious to what she will experience throughout the series.

I went into this series not knowing any information about it. At first the storyline makes it hard to understand what is going on, but as it progresses it definitely explains things well. The plot unfolded in a way where it was confusing but making it more interesting and complex. The pace of the series is great in terms of it not being too slow. The pace is enough to keep the audience engaged. The characters’ actions make it very hard to have a favorite, but if I were to choose mine would be Adele.

The plot twist at the end made me realize that everything happened for a reason. It made me think back and all those moments which had confused me at the time, had finally made sense to me.  It was very unpredictable for me to guess what the ending of the series was going to be like. 

Eve Hewson, the actor who plays Adele, has great acting. Her role in the series is meant to be silent and obedient yet loving. Eve Hewson definitely portrays her character perfectly. Her acting left me shocked and even a bit intimidated. 

Overall, this series has left me feeling bad for the characters and what they go through. It is definitely a show that I was very intrigued with from the start. The ending can resemble a similar one to the movie “Us,” directed by Jordan Peele.  

Haley’s Score: 4/5 



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