OPINION: What you need Wednesday

Every six weeks or so, Santa Ana High hosts ‘What You Need Wednesday,’ with the last one of the school year set for this week on March 22. 

The program allows for students to potentially make up missing work, quizzes, and tests and get help from their teachers as needed before grading windows close.

I think that WYNW is a good opportunity for the students to have extra time to make up any work that they are falling behind in. We get two different sessions and we get placed in classes that we are failing or falling behind in. The students that are right on track get placed in other classes from their normal schedules that they are used to.

One SAHS teacher gave me their opinion on what they think of WYNW, saying “I feel that WYNW is a great chance to take a short break from instruction and focus on activities or quizzes that may have been missed during normal instruction.”

I also talked to students about their opinions on WYNW.  One of them said “I think WYNW is a great idea for us to help us get right on track.” 

The other student actually disagreed with my opinion. When I said it was a good opportunity for us to catch up on our work, they said “I think it’s just a waste of time.” 

In my opinion, WYNW is helpful for students and teachers. 



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