Festival showcases SAHS dance program

The Annual SAHS Dance Festival was held Thursday and Friday, March 23 and 24, with all three levels of the team gathered to perform pieces they have been practicing since winter break at Bill Medley Auditorium. 

The dance team opened the show and performed wonderfully, receiving loud cheers and applause from the audience. 

Each dancer performed a beautiful pirouette, jeté, pas de bourreé, etc. The stage was full of energy and excitement, changing theme colors for each team. All the dancers seemed to have an incredible time. 

“A lot of people take it as something that has to be super perfect and I feel like the only thing you have to do is have fun and work hard for it,” Elizebeth Franco, a junior in Advanced Dance, said.  

The highlight of the night was the senior dance performed by only the seniors on the dance team as they danced a lyrical piece, ‘Sign of the Times,’ by Harry Styles, and were hugged by their underclassmen teammates when they finished performing. 

For most beginning students it was their first year in dance and performing on stage with a huge crowd. Some dancers see dance as more than just a hobby, an opportunity to grow as an individual. 

“Don’t doubt yourself ever, this makes me want to try out for the dance team and be part of something more in dance and SAHS,” said Nadine Alamilla, a sophomore in Beginning Dance. 

Master dance class will be offered for any dancer on Wednesday, March 29 after school in the dance room. Dance Auditions will be held for anyone who wants to join the dance team April 17-21. 



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