Pep Rally excites students for rest of year

The Spring Pep Rally was held in the big gym March 24 to get students excited about sports and events coming up throughout the semester. 

They got the students excited to cheer by presenting each class. When the juniors and seniors got called, everyone started screaming and the sophomores and freshmen got booed. 

“As the ASB vice president and cheer captain it’s kind of stressful because I have to lead my team and organize the pep rally, but overall it’s fun and we always have a great time,” senior Mia Diaz said. 

Senior Nathan Ramirez sang at the rally and got the crowd to sing with him. 

ASB then presented the spring sports: softball, baseball, swim, track and field, volleyball, and tennis.  

The pep rally started with the school band playing and Song Pong danced a routine to it. They presented the state cheer champions and they did one of their routines. The cheer team did amazing in their performance and made the crowd get excited. 

Song Pong, Folkorico, Cheer, and Polynesian dance did amazing and got the audience to be excited and entertained and as the sports got presented the teams did their chants. 

The track and field chant was “a la bim bom ba, a la bio, a la bao, a la bim bom ba, Saints!!! Rah rah rah!” 

The students competed against each other, dancing Zapateado. The seniors and juniors were the most cheered at and the seniors won when the crowd started cheering for them. 



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