OPINION: Senior year coming to an end


As the school year is coming to an end very soon and as a senior myself, I feel so many emotions.

There’s so many things I have to worry about for example like making sure I get all my graduation requirements, passing all my classes, picking out what college I’m going to and picking out what classes I’m going to take for college.

I feel like this year went by so quickly and now all of the seniors are going to be entering their adult life very soon.

Senior year was by far the most stressful year but I’m happy and sad at the same time it’s going to end already. There were some fun times this year like the senior activities that already happened and some that are right around the corner.

I asked some senior students what their opinion was on senior year and how they feel that the year is coming to an end.

One of the seniors that I asked had said “I’m really excited and scared at the same time I don’t know how college is going to go for me but I’m excited to be starting a new chapter of my life.” 

Another senior said “These four years went by so quickly it feels unreal that we are going to graduate very soon but I’m proud of myself for getting this far and I’m excited to be graduating with my friends.” 



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