TV Review: “Beef”


Beef is a new 1 season comedy-drama Netflix miniseries that aired its first episode on April 6. This show starts with two strangers getting into a road rage incident that brings chaos into their lives.

It made me laugh so hard and other times made me want to cry. The acting is wonderful, has a great cast and the humor is actually very funny.

The point of the show is very intense and unique and it manages to portray a perfect balance of funny moments but also sad and serious.  Entertaining from the first episode till the last.

This show is such a breath of fresh air, because it covers topics that aren’t usually in movies and shows and they find ways to make you go through every emotion while watching it, and I’ve never seen another one like it.

This show has great comedy in it but it also gets dark and serious and talks about real life issues that people face. I liked the ground metaphor that A24 used to get the point across to the audience, and how it foreshadowed what the deeper meaning was all about and what it stood for. In the end, everything had a purpose and reason so it all made a lot of sense, and everything tied together.

The drama was so suspenseful with so many twists and turns that you kept wanting to watch more! For once, I finally found a show that actually had such a different storyline that was actually meaningful and made me step back and think about things and how we treat one another.

The characters kept finding ways over and over again to pull at my heartstrings and managed to keep me emotionally involved in what would happen to them next. The point and premise that the show revolved around were relatable and intense because many of us can relate to how they feel (especially Steven Yeun’s character) so I loved the fact that the point of the show is a lot deeper than I thought it would be and I appreciated that.

I loved how they showed the reality of each character’s life from different perspectives, and how each of them felt the same way even coming from completely different backgrounds.

Overall, they did such a wonderful job with this show and I hope they come out with more seasons because I need to see more of this story and how it will end for them, and how the events are going to play out. 

Argelia’s Score: 5/5  



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