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Dancing with the staff thrills large audience once again

Rookie teacher shines, takes home first place
Photo by Rachel Navarro

A night full of events took place November 2 when Santa Ana High students were able to witness their teachers bust a move on stage in Bill Medley Auditorium and compete for first place at the third annual Dancing With the Staff. 

After teaming up with members of the SAHS dance team and practicing for weeks, it was the teachers’ time to show off what they’d learned.

The first performance came from the dance team itself to open things up, before ballet folklorico performed and danced to ‘La Bruja,’ with cups and light up candles on their  heads. 

For each performance from there, every teacher had a small interview played on the screen. The first teacher to take the stage was Mr.Timmons, who danced to music from DVJ Leon, Beastie Boys, Alan Gonzales, Santa Ana High School Music Tech and Mr.Fowles.

Mrs. Nguyen was next, dancing to Ciara, Daddy Yankee and Jennifer Lopez. Then came Mr. Gonzales, whose grand opening saw  him dressed as Ken from the Barbie movie. 

Mrs. Spielfogel was fourth to perform, with a military inspired performance, followed by Mr. Scherger, falling from the ceiling for his grand entrance.

After intermission, Ms. Medina was sixth to perform in a disco outfit. Next came Mr. Delacuadra with salsa moves. 

Mr.Nguyen, Mr. Elmasry, and Mr. Chavez rounded out the 10 teacher performances and the cliche about saving the best for last held up. 

Ms.Navarro closed out the show by singing ‘La Llorona’ with four students before the voting began. 

The results came in, with Chavez taking the top prize Elmasry finishing second. The night ended with cheers and whistles making it an eventful night for all. 

“Honestly it’s a dream,” Chavez said. “I love to dance, it’s one of my favorite things to do. I got paired up with some amazing dancers Wendy, Lupe, and Miranda, and I just think we killed it. We gave it our all and we killed it, I loved it.” 

Student Zackary Viera Leal said the the excitement was more than worth the price of admission.  

“The performance was great,” he said. Obviously Chavez had to be my first top one. Mr. G, obviously, I’m gonna have to put him up there. He’s my favorite teacher ever, that was worth ten bucks honestly I don’t regret anything at all I loved this show bro.” 

Gonzalez reflected on his experience with nothing but fondness.

“Tonight, oh my gosh, like all this for the people right here, just want to give them a show ultimately,” he said. “And I was just having just a blast, it’s all about dancing with the staff right here, it’s all about the fans, it’s all about dancing. Take a moment to celebrate everyone’s performances.” 

The campus event has grown in each of its three years and much of the same will be expected in anticipation and excitement for next year’s version.


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