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Alan Godoy, contributor October 13, 2021

In the city of Santa Ana there are many people who litter on streets, roads, private properties, etc.  They trash many other places, and it isn’t good for the environment .  Now as quarantine cases...

Tagging In The City of SA

Kaylani Torres, Contributer October 11, 2021

When walking down the street there is always tagging. Where you may ask, well there's tagging in food markets, parks, public restrooms, streets, schools, signs. The city spends a lot of money on paint,...

 Photograph by Denis Tangney Jr  

Fake News In Santa Ana Due To Social Media

Natalie Cantu, Contributor October 8, 2021

    In the city of Santa Ana fake news is an issue, especially on social media.  In Santa Ana the news that most affects it, is when they say it has a lot of violence. The fake news about...

The Pros of Coming Back

Roman Guzman, contributor October 8, 2021

When Covid-19 stuck all over the world, there was question asked on whether or not they should let students attend school. Santa Ana’s District is letting students go back to school a year and a half...

Racism has changed the world.

Racism has changed the world.

Paul Ramirez, contributor October 8, 2021

      Show love to any person who is different from you. I mean, to be honest, that is Impossible to do but it will happen soon. Here is something I hear every day. Nobody is perfect. Everyone...

Pollution in the City and its Oceans

Pollution in the City and its Oceans

Yvette Ramirez, Contributor October 8, 2021

In the city of Santa Ana, there is pollution. Every day, the people of Santa Ana drop trash and release harmful chemicals that linger in the air. As you know, we use resources such as cars and factories...

Mile from Home

staff, contributors October 4, 2021

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