• November 3Get Ready Seniors Graduation is Near !!!!


Left to Right: Leslie Morales, Laura Heredia, Daniel Carranza, Iandra Estupinian, and Leandra Estupinian.

We have less than two weeks with our beloved SAHS seniors and this is the time to find out where there off to next. Highlighting 5 seniors from our own Journalism staff, we find out what colleges and plans they have in store. There interviews are based on college, major, and a highlight of their high school experience.

Leslie Morales is going to attend Orange Coast College. She decided to go there because she didn’t want to go to SAC. At OCC she is going to major in Mathematics. A highlight of her high school years was joining Journalism.

Laura Heredia is going to Santa Ana College. She decided to go there because they are offering a year of free college tuition. She plans on majoring in Nursing first then Business once she transfers to a local university. A highlight of her high school years was being in Yearbook and being able to create a book that everyone would love.

Twins Leandra and Iandra  Estupinian will be attending Morningside College, a private school in Iowa. They both decided to go there because they were awarded scholarships and wanted to try something different. Iandra decided to go there because she wanted to get out there now rather than later while Leandra wants to be a part of the Biology program. The highlights of Iandra’s high school years was being in Marching Band for two years and becoming Editor-in-Chief for Journalism. The highlights of Leandra’s high school years becoming president of the SAHS Arts Conservatory, doing conservatory art collaborations, and being Co-Editor of Journalism.

Daniel Carranza is will be attending UCLA. He’s decided to go there because he liked it better than Berkeley. He plans on majoring in Business Marketing. A highlight of his high school years was winning the HEID scholarship and earning a full ride for college.

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