The Generator

2019-2020 Staff

Kelly Rodriguez


Hi, I'm Kelly, I'm a freshman at Santa Ana High School. I like spending my time reading books and watching anime, yeah I guess I'm a weeb. I'm in the marching band, Concert band, and tennis. I chose Journalism because I like writing...

Isaac Bol


Hello! My name is Isaac but most people call me "Weird." I am kinda weird. I'm also a Senior which is pretty weird. My interests are watching movies, reading, playing video games, writing stories, studying history, and becoming...

Rafael Palacios


Hi my name is Rafael I am a junior at Santa Ana high school I like spending my time doing my homework about math and English and what I like about Journalism is that we take notes and we sometimes watch CNN news to know more about...

April Facio


My name is April Facio. I'm a senior at Santa Ana high school. I joined journalism because I'd love to write about what goes on in campus and about sports.



I'm a lazy, curious person currently a first year at Santa Ana High school. I joined The Journalism team because I was order to by my Master but I have stayed because the team members are very interesting  people and I'm grateful...

Jacob Garcia


I am the funny man of the classroom that definitely isn't a freshman that just joined journalism this year. Something I like about the school is the water-polo team because they are all very nice and cute. Random things I like...

Flor Mendez


My name is Flor, I'm currently in 11th grade in Santa Ana High School. I love to dance, and I love video games. I'm part of journalism because I really like it and I'm planning on doing this for my future.

Yolanda Belman


Hello, my name is Yolanda Belman. I am a senior and I wish to attend UCI next year. I joined journalism because it is a nice breather from all my classes.



Aidan Gertsen


I am an 18 year old senior at Santa Ana High school. I like sports, reading, and writing. I have enjoyed writing since middle school.

Vicente Vazques


  Hi, I am Vicente and I am from Santa Ana high school. I like this school because the classes look nice and the teachers are really nice. I was also just chosen for this class and its pretty cool.

Victor Marquez


Hi ! My name is Victor Marquez and I am a freshman at Santa Ana High School.My favorite thing to do in my journalism class is when we all work together and have fun while doing it.  My favorite thing to do is play basketball.

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